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Some have described me as “unwavering” when it comes to principles. Others say that I exhibit the trait of "loyalty to a fault" or that I am "utterly relentless” when pursuing an objective. As your attorney, I promise to be a loyal advocate and to be unwavering in the pursuit of your goals. I am a zealous advocate that does not shy away from conflict and litigation. I believe that the strongest weapon that an attorney can have is knowledge of his case. I will aggressively prepare your case for litigation while attempting to resolve the issues on favorable terms - a kind of "peace through strength" approach to the practice of law.

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The Law Offices of John M. Dunn PLLC is a general practice firm.  While, like all firms, we have our areas of specialty, it is accurate to say that we routinely practice in all areas of law.  While efforts have been made to identify our environmental, criminal, appellate, and family law practice, that is not to exclude other areas of law.  In addition to these broad areas, we also practice in the areas of debt collection, corporate law, landlord / tenant, civil litigation, and probate law.  If you have a legal problem that you want to discuss with an attorney, don't hesitate to contact John M. Dunn for your free consultation.