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Some have described me as “unwavering” when it comes to principles. Others say that I exhibit the trait of "loyalty to a fault" or that I am "utterly relentless” when pursuing an objective. As your attorney, I promise to be a loyal advocate and to be unwavering in the pursuit of your goals. I am a zealous advocate that does not shy away from conflict and litigation. I believe that the strongest weapon that an attorney can have is knowledge of his case. I will aggressively prepare your case for litigation while attempting to resolve the issues on favorable terms - a kind of "peace through strength" approach to the practice of law.



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John Dunn's Family Mediation Services

The mere fact that you are reading this means that you have taken the first step toward resolving your case through mediation as opposed to litigation.  Mediation has a number of advantages over litigation...not the least of which is you remain in control!  Instead of a judge who has known you for only a few hours making decisions about what property you get and how often you will get to see your kids, you can settle your dispute on your terms without the need to spend thousands or tens of thousands of dollars on attorneys.  After all, you are the expert on your marriage, your children, and what you really want for the rest of your life. 

1.  What is Family Mediation?

Family Mediation is an informal process by which families that are involved in a dispute (divorce, separation, child custody, etc.) work together to resolve their dispute without the need of resorting to litigation.

2.  How does the process work?

Prior to beginning, the parties provide the mediator with a confidential mediation statement in which they describe the issues in dispute.  The parties participate in an informal confidential process where a third party assists them in reaching an agreement.  Under law, the offers made during mediation cannot be used against you in court.  The parties can discuss the issues together with the mediator, or they can separate and talk confidentially with the mediator.  (This enables them to share things that they may not be want to share with the other party.)  Ultimately, the parties are assisted in coming to an agreement.

3.  Do I need to have an attorney?

No.  Mediation can actually be done without an attorney.  However, if you choose to proceed without an attorney, it is important to remember that the mediator does not represent you.  While Mr. Dunn will share his understanding of the law as it applies to your case during the mediation, he is doing that in order to assist the parties in understanding the process and the potential outcomes in the event of litigation. 

It is important to note that if mediation occurs outside of the litigation process, it will be necessary for the parties to be prepared to frankly and honestly disclose the value of assets and debts of the marriage.  This is necessary to fairly deal with each other in your efforts to reach an agreement.

4.  What do I get at the end of mediation?

If the mediation is not successful, Mr. Dunn will prepare a final decree that has all of the required language, schedules, and other documents that you will need to present to the Court.  (Note:  Mr. Dunn does not prepare or file the Petition for Divorce or any other papers relevant to the process.)

If the mediation is unsuccessful, you have completed the thing that is required by most courts in Oklahoma prior to being able to move forward with litigation. 

5. How much does mediation cost?

Mediation is substantially less expensive than litigation.  John charges $200 per hour for mediation.  That is divided equally between the two parties.  So, it is theoretically possible to reach a divorce decree for $100.00 per hour for each person - a substantial savings over two attorneys and a lengthy period of litigation.



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Mr. Dunn is a Tulsa Family Attorney who is equipped to handle almost any aspect family law.  Mr. Dunn handles divorces of all levels of conflict and complication, child custody and child support issues and represents his clients in both state and administrative court.  Mr. Dunn handles child support enforcement actions, adoption, paternity suits to establish child support and visitation, child custody cases.  Mr. Dunn practices in the area of guardianships and adoption. 

If you need an experienced  Tulsa Family Lawyer, please contact John Dunn.  His knowledge as a family attorney is vast and invaluable.



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